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Guitar for Life Mission Statement

GFLS provides quality professional guitar instruction to those dedicated to becoming better guitar players. We believe that with hard work and discipline EVERYONE can strive to achieve excellence as guitarists and musicians. We provide a unique learning environment compared to the traditional instructional venues, and will strive to provide the best learning experiences available.

GFLS Student Policy

To provide the best instruction, GFLS students must be disciplined and willing to work. We have a great time, and provide fantastic real life environments, but that takes the dedication of the entire GFLS Community. This is the GFLS key to achieving your goals.

  1. Student Tuition is due at, or before, your first lesson of the month. This payment offers you 4 private lessons monthly. This is to ascertain talent levels for placement in classes and groups.

    1. This also gives you first priority for seats at any of the groups, classes or seminars that are offered in that month. Payment for those activities are due at, or before, the scheduled activity.

    2. If they are scheduled in advance, which they normally will be, they must be paid at the time the monthly tuition is paid.

  2. Students must schedule their weekly lesson in advance. The day of the week and the time of the day is chosen prior to the first lesson of the month and is permanent for that month.

Example: You pay for Tuesday at 4:30pm on your first lesson. That payment is for Tuesdays at 4:30pm going forward until you request a change of lesson time. Schedule change requests are based on availability.

  1. These dates and times ARE NOT transferable nor are credits given for missed lessons (no shows). There are exceptions (because GFLS knows things happen):

    1. If you schedule the missed lesson at or before your first lesson of the month you will not be charged for the lesson. **This WILL NOT happen at any other studio**

    2. If you must cancel and you contact the studio prior to the day of the lesson, GFLS instructors will offer you make up times based on availability within 7 days. If you cannot make the times that are offered, the lesson tuition is forfeited. There will not be credits given for missed time that was scheduled.

    3. If an instructor needs to cancel a lesson, every possibility for a make-up will be provided. If a make up cannot be made a credit will be given off the next months tuition. Payment for the month is still due at or before the first lesson of the next month.

    4. GFLS reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor for Private and Group lessons. All instructors are trained in the GFLS Foundations and Projects curriculum.

  2. Contact Info:

    1. Email address is Most correspondence for scheduling and issues should go through this.

    2. Phone number is 414-617-3278 for Danny. The best bet for this is to TEXT or leave a message.

  3. Students are expected to have studied/practiced their lessons. GFLS is not responsible for the students’ progress if the prescribed methods are not adhered to and followed. If you are unhappy with your progress, please bring those concerns to your instructor or management. You should have contact information for your teacher.

  4. Referrals are HIGHLY REGARDED. For every new student that pays their second monthly tuition you will receive a FREE LESSON that month. This is up to a $30 value. Please tell your friends and family how happy you are and get free stuff!

  5. There are several recitals and benefits throughout the year. There may be additional registration charges for these events. These events are not mandatory but are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. We teach community involvement and we show that through music YOU can touch people around the world. Without this key element, as a student, you are missing out on half of the benefits of GFLS. As a parent or loved one, you are missing the chance to see dreams come true. Either way, GFLS truly wants your community involvement to excel the students growth.

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