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Group Classes ROCK!!

We understand that everyone THINKS that private instruction is the best, and we believe that it is important. It is cool to learn one on one and really work on your goals. Yet, we believe that classes and working with others is what makes you GREAT! Danny has designed some great group opportunities that are still directed personally at what YOU want to do, along with giving you the time to play with your peers, make guitar playing friends, and have a blast. Check these out!

Kids Rock!


This is for kids ages 6 and up. Kids learn to play in a group setting. We teach guitar basics like open chords and apply them to popular songs. In fact, the kids pick the songs that they want to learn. There doesn't even have to be a guitar in the song!


Kids learn how to interact and share. They also develop the ability to adapt and to compromise. These classes are kept small - max. 5 students - and are 30-45 minutes in length once a week.

Adult Beginners

Anyone can learn how to play guitar. It doesn't matter how old you are! Adults need peer interaction and good goals in order to keep playing and improving. GFLS provides this with classes with step by step movement while learning at your own pace. Each time that you hit a goal, you move to the next level. It is that simple!

Practice Techniques


Do you want to improve faster? Do you have problems understanding what to practice? This class for gives you advanced training even if you are just beginning! This offering outlines specific practice techniques and exercises to push your playing to the edge. The design of the course is to intensify your practice routine and increase your synchronicity and coordination between your right and left hands. This is on top of your Private Lessons or Groups every month! There is no instruction place out there that gives you MORE than GFLS!


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