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Guitar Instructional Programs

GFLS is all about YOU and your guitar playing goals! Are you tired of teachers that write out tab to a song and send you away? Are you not making the kind of progress you think that you should be making? Do you want individual service AND a fun atmosphere? GFLS has a program to fit any need you have at an affordable and fair price.

GFLS 6 to 60 Program

The Guitar for Life 6 to 60 Program is based around the idea that anyone that wants to play guitar can learn from our system. We teach children as young as 6 years old and we have had students and recording clients that are 60 years old and beyond. Not only does everyone learn to play, but they learn to play well and they learn at an accelerated pace. All of our teachers work from this module and we edit the program to fit your individual needs. This Program also allows for "open" lessons. This means that your children do not go into a closed studio. Parents are invited and welcome to sit in the lessons with their children. We also work with special needs children very well and we love to see how proud their parents are when they succeed. We thoroughly enjoy working with all ages to share our love of music and our love for the instrument. The 6 to 60 Program is what all of the Private, Foundation, and Project Lessons are based around. Sign up here:


Every student whether they are beginning or advanced will be required to go through our Foundations Program. In Foundations, we identify where the student is strong and where there are opportunities for improvement. We go through basic theory, practice habits, song learning, and basic soloing strategies based on common scales and licks. We have found that even the most advanced students learn quite a bit from just a month of the Foundations principles. Guitar for Life focuses on making musical and practicing guitarists, not bedroom shredders and youtube wannabe's. The basic principles behind Foundations are the building blocks which enable students to be the best they can be in any genre of music they choose. Foundations gives you the tools to teach yourself, creating better players at a faster pace, and saving our students (and their parents!) money in the long run. Sign up here:

Projects is what makes GFLS stand out from ALL other music lesson venues. We offer unheard of advantages that other places have not come close to offering. Students are expected to use their lessons for musical application, not for playing in their bedroom! First, we offer 2-3 live playing opportunites a year in real live venues. Child and Adult students, along with the most basic Beginners and most Advanced, have several options available to get through this challenge. Once that challenge is met, the recording studio is open to them to record anything that they want to do with experienced engineers and producers! The students in the Projects Program concentrate on advanced soloing and harmony. They learn Fretboard Theory through practical application and tough exercises.They focus on songwriting and popular song forms. Students move at their own pace, but are pushed by others in the program through shows, cd releases, and a common desire to be the best! Sign up here:


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